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TN WW222 How to configure a multi-touch panel when the pushbutton are not working correctly.




This article from InSource shows how to install a multi-touch driver to use touch as a mouse instead of a Tablet Device.

  • Author: Chris Cleope
  • Published: 3/18/19
  • Applies to: Wonderware


This procedure requires the use of an Elo multi-touch driver version 6.x.x

  1. Remove any installed Elo drivers.
  2. Download the Elo 6.x multi-touch driver.
  3. Double click the 6.x multi-touch driver to start the installation
  4. Click Unzip
  5. Click OK when unzip is finished, then abort the installation (say No to the license agreement)
  6. On the C: drive, navigate to C:\Users\(your user account)\AppData\Local\Temp\Sw602xxx_EloMultiTouch_6.x.x\common (NOTE: that’s the AppData folder, not the Application Data folder)
  7. Open the EloOptions.ini file
  8. Below the comments section, under [Setup Options], change ForceMouse=0 to ForceMouse=1
  9. Click File in menu, then Save
  10. Close the EloOptions.ini file
  11. Navigate to C:\Users\(your user account)\AppData\Local\Temp\Sw602xxx_EloMultiTouch_6.x.x (one level up from \common)
  12. Double click elosetup to launch the installer. Accept the license agreement to start the installation


This references that issue.

Download link is below.

Touch Panel behavior issue.PNG


Driver download:

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