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TN - 1245 Moving a VM to a Different Datastore


This article from InSource shows to move a VMware virtual machine hosted by a Stratus server to a different datastore.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  4/20/2022
  • Applies to:  VMware vSphere 7


At times one virtual machine (VM) requires more disk space than the assigned datastore allows.  Moving a VM between datastores is accomplished from the vSphere.  The following example shows a VM hosted by a Stratus server.  The VM is moved to datastore 4 where there is more available disk space.

Start by shutting down the VM to be moved.


Right click on the VM and select Unregister.

Next, open the Datastore browser.


Right click on the folder containing the VM to be moved and select Move.

You will be prompted to Select the destination for the move.


The VM will be move to the new datastore.  It may take some time depending on the size.

Register the VM when the move is complete.  This is completed from the Datastore browser.


Right click on the .vmx file found in the moved VM's folder.  Select Register VM. 

Power up the VM.  It will be running from the new datastore.

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