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TN TM109 Installing a Demo License for ACP ThinManager 9.0




This article from InSource shows how to enable ACP ThinManager 9.0 for testing purposes by using a Demo License.

  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 01/30/2017
  • Applies to: ACP ThinManager 9.0


This article assumes that the ACP ThinManager software has already been installed on a PC, and no license has been installed.

  1. Once the ThinManager software is installed, open it by selecting the ThinManager icon from the Start Menu clipboard_e19c70d474958b6a39b927f5bc6a4b37c.png. The software will open without a license, but certain areas of the product will be greyed out, such as the Relevance section, preventing you from configuring those areas of the product.
  2. To install the license, go to the Install tab, and you will see a section for Licensing.  Click on the Licenses icon.
  3. The Licensing screen will be displayed, showing that no licenses are currently installed.  Note the Installation Id displayed on the screen.  This is a unique ID for your installation and will be used when requesting a demo license from ACP.
  4. Open a web browser and open the ACP Demo Code Request web page, located at
  5. On the website, enter the Primary Installation ID from your system, and fill in your own information for the other fields.  Once the fields have been filled in, click the Create button to have a Demo code emailed to you.  Note that you likely will not have a Secondary Installation ID unless you have installed the software on more than one computer.
  6. Once you have received the email from ACP, go back to the software and click the Install Demo Code button.
  7. Enter the demo code which was received in the email into the dialog box.
  8. Once you click OK, a prompt will confirm that no Master license has been installed, followed by another prompt confirming the Demo license was installed successfully.
  9. If installed correctly, the Licensing screen should now list your demo license.
  10. Clicking Done and returning to the software will now show that the menus that were previously disabled, such as Relevance options, are now available for use.

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