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TN TM104 How to configure ACP Thinmanager WinTMC

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This article from InSource shows How to configure Thinmanager WinTMC.


  • Author: Mike Viteri
  • Published: 09/30/2015
  • Applies to: ACP ThinManager




Once WinTMC is installed. It should be setup with a profile inside of the Thinmanager.


To configured WinTMC open the application.




Once it opens you will need to click the configure button on the splash screen or you can right click on the WinTMC icon in the upper left corner.






Once you click configure the setup screen will appear




On this screen you can add your ThinManager Servers. You can set the order of which server it should try to use first. Once its all setup click "ok". Now close the application and reopen. It will connect to your Thinmanager server and you can select the profile the WINTMC will assume.