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TN WW125 Wonderware Tech Support Info Tool

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An introduction to the Wonderware Tech Support Info Tool as a useful utility to troubleshoot Wonderware software.


  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 09/29/2015
  • Applies to: Tech SUpport Info Tool all versions




The Wonderware Tech Support Info Tool is an easy-to-use utility which allows you to gather the System Information, Registry information, Product information, Wonderware Logger and Windows Events information on your local machine for troubleshooting.




You can retrieve and store multiple machine information within a single file.  The following information can be exposed with this utility:


System information (Example: Operating system, processor, display configuration, disk space, all the running process, all the installed services, environment variables, network adaptors) 
Wonderware products (Versions, Install locations and all the file information) 
Other Products (Product name, version and install location) 
Common Component and Global Assembly Cache information 
Wonderware product registry information 
ArchestrA user information 
Wonderware Logger information 
Windows Event information

After download from the Wonderware Technical Support site at, and installing, you can open the Wonderware Tech Support Info Tool by clicking Start -> All Programs -> Wonderware -> WonderwareTSInfoTool.

You can also open the tool by double-clicking Wonderware TS Info Tool.exe.


Open the tool and click the Retrieve Wonderware Information button.



Click Information Retrieval Options and then click OK.


• Information appears under the relevant tabs according to your selected options.
• You can save your collected information as an xml file by clicking File -> Save on the main menu.
• You can generate a report by clicking Report -> Generate Report. Both the xml file and the html file can then be emailed to Tech Support for further investigation.