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TN - 1141 How to use QR codes in Inteletrac



This article from InSource shows how to use a QR code reader to scan an asset for a round in Inteletrac.  This would allow the user to ensure that the person executing the round is actually at the correct piece of equipment before collecting the data from it. 

  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 04/13/2021
  • Applies to: Intelatrac 2017+ (various versions)


First we will need to add assets to the system. Add the asset under the list manager as shown:



Set the name of the asset that you want to use.  You can also use the EPC field to identify what the barcode scan will be.


Next we will go to the procedure itself and select the scan/lock interactions tab to set the behavior of how you want the person executing the round to interact with the asset.  In my case, I want the user to walk up to the asset, and scan a QR code to indicate the status of the asset (running or non).  If the asset is not running, there is no need to perform the data collection tasks.



Now we will make sure that the task group is associated with an asset as shown:


Now the procedure can be released and is available for execution.  I am using a QR code simulator I found online here:

This is used to generate the QR codes that would presumably be located out in the field on the asset itself. The text of the name of the asset is used to generate the QR code.  In my example I used Air Compressor 1 and the QR code generator created the following QR code which I used to scan in from the round:


From the round execution (on an iPad), I begin the data collection task group which requires a scan to indicate the status of the asset.  Tapping on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner will bring up the sub menu shown to access the scan asset menu as shown:


This brings up the QR reader and then I take a picture of the QR code I generated.  I then complete the round as normal and transfer the results back to display in auditor plus as shown below:  You can notice that I intentionally did not scan air compressor 2 to show the difference.  I do not have an enforcement turned on in my round so the round is able to be completed even though I did not collect data from air compressor 2 – this is intentional and can be configured.