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TN ITRC153 Building Re-useable Expressions in IntelaTrac



This article from InSource shows how to structure expressions in IntelaTrac that will facilitate re-use.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  8/13/2018
  • Applies to:   IntelaTrac 2017 and higher


The Procedure Builder in IntelaTrac allows the developer to copy and paste steps of a round.  The round often includes multiples of equipment that are very similar.  A best practice is to build the procedure with expressions that facilitate re-use.  The following is an example showing how to structure a formula.

This is a simple shift changeover procedure that has the user select a role..


A tag named RoleTag is configured to hold the response from the user.


A condition checks the role selected by the user.


It is best to build the expression with the @ParentNode(@CurrentNode()) functions rather than a hard coded tag name.  The function will look to the parent node for the tag name.  It will automatically replace the tag name in the formula when components of a procedure are copied and pasted.


The referenced tag name will need to be updated in the parent, but the underlying formula(s) will stay the same saving time.