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75354 - Unable to configure Sentinel System Monitor


Sentinel agent install manager is already registered to Sentinel Manager <NodeName>

Version: 2017

Service Pack: Update 3 SP1

OS: Windows 10

OS Service Pack:


Partially resolved by updating the Sentinel database to match the SentinelMachine Identifier located at HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\Wonderware\ArchestrA\Plugins\Sentinel System Monitor\Sentinel Agent Documentation mentions TA 423 & TA 415. TA 415 mentions HF7721 as a requirement to uninstall SP1 on windows 10. AVEVA confirmed SP2 can be installed on top of SP1 without having to remove machines as indicated in the documentation. Escalated to DEV - Note Uninstall of the product automatically removes licensing components ( no option to retain) - Web interface indicates control panel shows SP2 is installed. - Installing manually SP2 on client resolved initial configurator issue. Agent version does not update on connected machines even after manual installation. 5.22 With proper credential client performed the following: - Install the product using the correct credentials (did not work) installation hung - Using the same credentials he was able to delete the sentinel database - Uninstalled the Sentinel Manager - Rebooted the system and re-reinstalled the product - Prompted to authenticate during the installation (this time same credentials worked) installation completed - Version information updated successfully! No clients were visible from the manger interface - Had the client re run configurator and a client showed up in the system monitor with the correct version information . Current Status - Not seeing anything in the last agent heart heartbeat (stopped & started services) did not resolve. MM 7.14 Development uninstalled agent, updated registry and SQL Sentinel DB. This time when the agent was reinstalled the hearbeat began updating.

Close Date: 7/14/2020 16:42

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