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Renaming an ArchestrA Galaxy

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Dillon Perera

Publish Date 7/30/13

Applies to Software

Application Server

Applies to Version

3.1 and Higher

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Problem Statement


User created an ArchestrA Galaxy which they now would like to rename, or would like to duplicate under a different name.

Solution Details


This procedure involves backing up the existing galaxy, then editing the backup file to be used under the new name.

Solution Steps:


  • Using the Wonderware System Management Console (SMC) create a backup of the currently existing galaxy. You will want to be sure all objects are checked in, and undeployed.
    • To create the backup expand the Galaxy Database Manager.
    • Right-click on the current galaxy and select “Backup”.
    • Save the .cab file which the backup creates to your computer.
  • Create a new galaxy.
    • Open the Archestra IDE software, and when asked which galaxy to connect to select New Galaxy.
    • For the Galaxy Name field enter the new name that you would like for the galaxy. For galaxy type, choose Then press Create.
  • Locate the backup .cab file which we created in the first step, and we will edit it to use the name of the new galaxy.
    • Rename the .cab file to a .zip.
    • Open the .zip file with either Windows or a third party program such as Winzip or WinRar.
    • Open the file named __GalaxyInfo.txt, and edit the GalaxyName= field to be the name of the new galaxy which you created.
    • Save this file.
    • Resave all of the files to a .zip file.
    • Rename the .zip to a .cab file.
  • Using the SMC, go to the Galaxy Database Manager and Restore over your new galaxy with the edited galaxy backup .cab file.