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How to use Platform Remover

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Platform Remover for a stuck platform


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Alex Davenport

Publish Date 6/28/2013

Applies to Software

Application Server

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Problem Statement


You are trying to deploy a Platform to a node and you’re getting messages stating that the Platform has already been deployed. When you look at that machine there isn’t a Platform Manager on that machine.

Solution Details



Run the Platform Remover on the machine where you have your problem platform and you will see the following utility appear





Click on the Undeploy Platform




You will now see the following Warning message then click OK




You will see the following message appear advising you that the Bootstrap process is being stopped




The following messages will appear and the Platform will now have been undeployed




You will now need to Reboot the machine that you’ve run the utility on and then try redeploying again.


See Attachments on right to download