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Understanding Role Based Installation


This article explains what role based installation is with respect to System Platform 2012 R2


Installing the ArchestrA System Platform
You can select a product-based or a role-based installation for your
To install the ArchestrA System Platform
1 Insert the DVD into your DVD-ROM drive. The installation
 program automatically runs.



If your network or company security policy does not permit
autorun, browse the root directory of the DVD and run setup.exe.
The installation program detects the initial system requirements.
It first checks if the minimum operating system and hardware
requirements are met. If the requirements are met, the
installation proceeds to verify the general installation


2 Install system-specific prerequisites.
If your computer does not meet the initial system prerequisites,
the Prerequisites dialog box appears.

• Select the Show All check box to view all prerequisites.
• Double-click any item to see more information about that item.
• Click Install Prerequisites. The program installs the general
system prerequisites.

3 Click Next. The select installation type dialog box appears.



4 Select whether you want computer role-based
installation, and then click Next. The select roles dialog box

The following roles are available for selection:
Runtime Client: Install only the necessary components required
to run a visualization client, Historian client, and ArchestrA object
server run-time components.
Development Workstation: Install the components required for
an engineering development workstation with only the required
components to allow the node to connect to an existing
development server. InTouch and ArchestrA System Platform
applications can be developed and tested.
System Platform Development Server: Install the components
required to host the development server, and develop and test
InTouch and ArchestrA System Platform applications.
Historian Client: Install the components required to connect to
an existing Historian Server and analyze the data.
Historian Server: Install the necessary components to store
historical data in an ArchestrA environment.
Information Portal: Install the necessary components for
aggregating and presenting plant production and performance
data on the internet or company intranet with the capability to
access live plant process data, integrated data trending and
analysis, production and performance reporting, and integration to
existing IT infrastructure and web portals.
All in One Node: All products are installed on a single node.
Custom: Allows you to customize the components that are