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TN WW702 System Platform 2020 Installation



This article from InSource shows you how to install System Platform 2020.

  • Author: Chris Cleope
  • Published: 6/18/2020
  • Applies to: System Platform 2020



If you are installing from a CD, ensure to copy the contents to your local drive to make sure everything installs correctly.

If you are installing from an ISO or a ZIP, ensure you unblock the files before extracting.


Ensure you have a compatible operating system before proceeding, as well as a compatible database for your environment.


Notice: System Platform 2020 does not come with SQL management studio. You will need to install that separately. 


  1. When first launching the product, you will have two options either to select the product(s) to install or select the computer role you want these products installed as.


  1. The following will appear:


  1. Click next, and accept the terms.


  1. You will then be ask to enter a username and a password for communications. If you already have one configured, make sure to uncheck the "Create Local Account" box before proceeding.


  1. Let the software install.


  1. When the installation is finished, the Configurator will open so that you can configure the software.