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049453 - Consolidating SQL Servers


Have 2 PCs each with SQL Server. How hard would it be to consolidate them both to only run SQL on one PC. ServerA houses the GR DB, SQL Reporting Services DBs, a custom DB, and WWALMDB. ServerB houses the SuiteVoyager database and SQL Reporting Services DB.


You can combine these two servers but you will need to rerun through the installs of the Wonderware products when this is done as they'll need to be repointed to the databases. In this scenario moving everything to ServerA would be the easiest thing to do. If moving everything to B you would also need to reinstall the GRnode software on that PC, and repoint InTouch to look at the Alarm database on the other server. Overall though, having two servers is beneficial as it allows either to be rebooted without affecting the other, as well as allows for better performance as it isn't all run on one system.

Close Date: 2013-09-04 15:35:13