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No windows displaying in InTouch HMI

After opening a stand alone InTouch application windows containing graphics were no longer displaying. While reviewing the application folder we discovered the .ndx file was missing.

No windows displaying in intouch.png

What is the .ndx file?

The ww_wdws.ndx file is a text file containing a cross-reference of the window index number and the window name. The backup file has the extension .nbk and is updated when a window is saved, closed or deleted in WindowMaker.2.png


Rename the ww_wdws.nbk or copy the ww_wdws.ndx from a working backup of the application. Start by trying to use the ww_wdws.nbk. If it's missing or unusable, copy the ww_wdws.ndx from a good backup of the app. Note that if windows were deleted/created/renamed since the backup, you'll need to manually edit the ww_wdws.ndx with a text editor.


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