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83917 - AVEVA Edge Redundancy Sporadically Fails Over Secondary Reboots


I have an application that is running a primary and redundant edge application did this application with IWS doing now with AVEVA Edge secondary server will randomly reboot sometimes 3 times in a day can be up to a week. 2020 2020.0.2.0 Tuesday on there spotty cell service Wednesday will have cell service .


Service Pack:

OS: Windows 10

OS Service Pack:


Review of the event logs don't point to an issue with Edge but mention (TPM) encountered a non-recoverable error. Client is swapping a client node with the server machine, which is a hardened marine grade computer and monitor with drivers embedded (from the factory). This will allow him to bring the server in his development environment for unrestricted troubleshooting. Waiting on copy of the application. 03.9 Provided WindowsEvent logs and Application to Edge group. Ensured 4 quality feedback services are enabled for further testing in the clients sandbox 03.14 Wiped /Reinstalled Windows Identified a correlation with TPM driver module messages we were seeing in the logs during the reinstallation. Worked through the driver issue. With the OS Reinstalled and Reconfigured the system appears to have stabilized. Can be reopened.

Close Date: 3/14/23 14:10

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