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TN IT276 How to access a text or CSV file from within a Stand-alone InTouch and display the information in a Window



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  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 06/29/2017
  • Applies to: InTouch all versions


Depending on exactly what requirements might be, there are a number of ways to get to data in a flat file such as a CSV file, and display that data in a drop down or other Windows type control in an InTouch window. For example, if the data only needs to be viewed, then any number of tools could be used including the ArchestrA Graphic SQL Data Grid. If the data needs to be both displayed and then scrolled through to select one result into a tag or attribute, one of the classic InTouch windows controls could be used. In addition, classic InTouch scripting includes the following script functions that can be used to interact with external data.




The online InTouch Help from within WindowMaker includes detailed information about these script functions.