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TN AppSvr320 Accessing System Platform HTML5 Help Files



This article from InSource shows how to find the HTML5 based Help Files in the Archestra IDE.

  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 03/31/19
  • Applies to: System Platform / Archestra IDE v2017


With new 2017 version there are a number of new features available to us in the Archestra IDE.  For these objects, help file information can be found in multiple places.

Help File:F1 Key : The F1 key is the standard help documentation you would find in most programs.  With the Archestra IDE, because the software is modular, the F1 help will only show content related to using the IDE itself, and to topics common to all object types.



Object Help:Ctrl + F1 : When you either right click an object and select Object Help, or highlight an object and click Ctrl+F1 it will bring up the help file information specific to that object type.  For example, information about the WinPlatform object specifically, will only be found in this area.



2017's HTML 5 Help: Ctrl + F1 : When selecting a newer object in the Archestra IDE and clicking Ctrl+F1, you will be presented with an HTML 5 based help file, including video examples.  These new help files are available for objects related to OMI applications, and Situational Awareness Graphics.