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TN WW248 Resolving New UCOs Changes Not Updating Factelligence.dbo.util



This article from InSource shows how to determine the number of entities licensed for Performance.

  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 09/18/2019
  • Applies to: AVEVA Performance all versions


It is possible that ongoing system development activity may result in orphaned code and objects which may need to be removed from the system. On occasion, orphaned objects may have an impact on licensing limitations such as licensed object count. Unused objects, if not removed, may unnecessarily contribute to the total number of licensed objects resulting in newly added objects not working as intended if at all.

If you encounter a UCO not updating the Factelligence.dbo.util_log table with the following logger warning

FactMES.Server.Proxies -SyncCmdProxy.ExecCmd - ClientId [SCLAMFG48.aaIDE.74] --> -210100781 - Unknown Error

it may be that the entity license count for UCOs has been exceeded (see screen shot below).


The logger warning "unknown error" usually indicates that a license violation has taken place. The number of entities licensed for Performance can be checked from within Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio using the following query

USE Factelligence
Where can_capture_util = 1

NOTE: The above query only checks Performance Entity license count

If the number of entities (rows) exceed the total licensed, you should reduce the number of entities to resolve the license violation or purchase additional licenses to cover the additional entities in the system. The Entity Model Builder will then be able to process the new entities and changes successfully.