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TN WW231 Using Redundant License Servers



This article from InSource shows how to setup and use the redundancy capability in the SE License server for 2017.  

  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 03/25/2019
  • Applies to: SE License Manager (2017+)


We will be using the following architecture which is a dual setup of the license server.  On each node only the license manager and server were setup (shown below): The same thing was installed on both machines and is the only Wonderware software installed on either.

License Server Setup.jpg

step 1 install software.jpg

The pair are administered as a single unit from the primary.  You will go the the primary license server (in this case TrainingLIC1 in my case) as shown below:

step 2.jpg

Next we will click on the add server to add the redundant partner (note that nothing has been done on the partner except install the license manager software).

step 3.jpg


After the backup is added you should be back at the main screen as follows (showing both license servers):

step 4.jpg

Now we will enable redundancy by clicking on the primary tile (localhost as shown above), and accessing its configuration:

click on manage to bring up the node management screen:

step 5.jpg

step 6.jpg


Now you should see the screen below indicating that they are paired and redundancy has been setup:

step 7.jpg