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79241 - HistoricalTrendControl App Colors


where can I find the documentation to customize the colors of the Historical Trend Control App in OMI (Not the TrendClient)? The HistorianClient.pdf doesn't show the configuration when embedding the app in a layout or the scripting method/properties of the historicaltrendcontrol app. I want to customize the historiacltrendcontrol app like the file attached. Thank you.

Version: 2020 R2

Service Pack:

OS: Windows Server 2019

OS Service Pack:


Scripting against OMI apps is a new feature so there isn’t a “scripting guide” for the apps yet. Scripting for apps is done from the Layout MyContent.HistoricalTrendControl1. is the method to show the available scripting Properties and Methods for the control at this time. You can also access the available members from the attribute browser. Access the online help from the Galaxy or C:\Program Files (x86)\ArchestrA\Framework\Docs\1033\NGX subheading: AVEA OMI Apps > HistoricaTrendApp > Historical Trend Pen Scripts Build Layouts > Layout Scripts *********************** OPTION 1 ***************************** To programmatically configure pens on trend app: Create a galaxy and connect to it Create a layout and divide into panes. Create UDO add attribute1, attribute2 and histories those attributes. Create name space and add string attribute eg:pentest1 Create a symbol and add text box element, configure user input animation with “myviewapp.namepsace.pentest1” On layout editor, Drag and drop trend app on one pane and symbol on another pane On trend app properties, set pens property bind(“IN”binding) “MyViewApp.Namespace.pentest1” Create viewapp and associate viewapp layout and screen profile Deploy the UDO and viewapp and Launch runtime application Runtime, on symbol set namespace attribute pentest1 with the UDO.Attribute001,UDO.Attribute002 Verify trend app Configured pens shown on trend app. Note:Pen color, select pen on trend app right click -> configure-> change pen color” *********************** OPTION 2 ***************************** Client confirmed manually configuring a retrieval style achieved similar results (Hist App Guide 171) : C:\<Documents and Settings>\All Users\Application Data\ArchestrA\ActiveFactory\Trend\RetrievalStyles.xml

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