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TN - 1172 Licensing Aveva Edge



This article from InSource shows how to apply a license to your Aveva Edge machine.

  • Author: Justin Benton
  • Published: 07/09/2021
  • Applies to: Aveva Edge 2020 and Above


Aveva Edge is one of the products in the Aveva suite that does not utilize the Enterprise License Manager. In order to apply a license to the node intended for Edge use, follow this procedure.

  1. Navigate to the Start menu, and locate the Aveva Edge Register 2020.


  1. After launching the program, select Softkey and check the license status..
  2. Copy your Hardware Identifier (In this example, there isnt one)


4. After you have the required information, open a browser and go to to activate your license.

5. Select the type.


6. Select the feature and add your identifier.


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