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77710 - Questions related to upgrade


1) The site computer doesn’t have a license for WindowMaker so I can’t find the version. Is there a way to get the proper version? 2) On the site computer, where can I check the license that is installed? If we need to upgrade the software version, do the licenses typically carry forward? Or would we most likely need a new license? 3) If we need to upgrade the version, is it typically an easy transition or does it require a lot of work?


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1) Look at the Programs and Features Section in the control panel for Wonderware InTouch. This should give you the installed version. 2) This depends on the installed version but it will most likely be the “ArchestrA License Manager”. If the customer has a valid CF agreement they most likely will have licenses for newer versions. If they are not currently on a CF plan they would most likely need to upgrade the license. 3) This depends on the level of custom or third party controls but is usually a fairly easy transition. They will likely need to upgrade their IO or DA drivers to OI Servers.

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