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80586 - Remote Design Dream Reports


How do multiple designers - access the studio. Is there a Web Interface or do you have to RDP?

Version: 2020 R2

Service Pack: SP1

OS: Windows Server 2016

OS Service Pack:


Provided relevant sections from help: * Remote Project Deployment * Repository-Based Project Development * Remote/Concurrent Project Development - Connecting to a Project Repository User Manual pg 538 - 559 "...scenario, you deploy and run the AVEVA Reports project on a dedicated “production” server. The sole purpose of this server could be to run the AVEVA Reports project, and not for report/project development. Provides an example where "...AVEVA Reports developers from 2 plants work locally to develop reports, based on a AVEVA Reports project maintained on a repository server (“DEVELOPMENT”). When all reports have been tested on the repository server, the project can be deployed to a runtime (“PRODUCTION”) server using the Remote Project Deployment feature, found on the Remote Development toolbar.

Close Date: 1/4/22 17:27

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