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Use the SQLData Object to Read and Update a SQL Database

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Use the SQLData object to read and update data from a SQL Server Database



Joseph Hefner

Publish Date 1/14/2011

Applies to Software

Application Server, Microsoft SQL Server

Applies to Version

3.0 and greater

Applies to System/Module


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Problem Statement



User would like to know how to setup and use the SQLData object to connect to and Navigate a SQL Server Database



Solution Details


To demonstrate how the object works I have created the following SQL Database called SQLDATATEST with 4 records included in it.



Step 1)  Create a New Instance of the SQLData template by right clicking on it and choosing New \ Instance.



Step 2)  Double click the new SQLData object in order to configure it. In this example I have called the object SQLData_Joe



Step 3)  Under the Database tab, choose the connection settings and select the Database and table that you wish to use. In this example, the database is SQLDATATEST and the table is dbo.Table_1. After configuring this, click the Test Connection button to ensure proper SQL Server connectivity.



Step 4)  Click the design tab and then click the “Get from database” button in order to retrieve the columns from the existing database.



Step 5)  Click the DataSheet Tab and click the Refresh button to retrieve the available records from the chosen table.




Step 6)  Save and Close the object and then deploy it 



Step 7)  Open the Object in Object Viewer and you will see an entry for each column from the database with tmp in front of it. In this example, I have tmpage, tmpgender, and tmpname. I also added them to the watch list to make them easier to see.



The database record can now be modified or updated from object viewer.





If you wish to access the next or previous record of delete a record you can set the RecordSelectNextCmd, RecordSelectPreviousCmd, and RecordDeleteCmd fields to true as below respectively: