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TN WW101 Microsoft SQL Server License with Wonderware Products

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A Microsoft SQL Server software license is included for use with each Wonderware product that utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as a database. This article explains how this license can be used and it’s limitations. 


  • Author: Ted Fluehr
  • Published: 12/18/2014
  • Applies to: Wondrware Products that use Microsoft SQL Server




Microsoft SQL Server License

A Microsoft SQL Server software license is included for use with each Wonderware product that utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as a database. The included license licenses use of Microsoft SQL Server versions and editions as supported by the Wonderware products and versions purchased. The included license must be used with the Wonderware products. Use solely with non Wonderware products is prohibited.  Supported versions and editions of Microsoft SQL Server are listed in each Wonderware product software readme file.


Historian Server 9.0 Enterprise Cluster: Requires separately purchased Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

Historian Server running in Demo mode as 32 Tag process historian: Does not include a Microsoft SQL Server software license and may use the supplied Microsoft SQL Server Express or SQL Server software you license and supply separately.

Wonderware Server products that utilize Microsoft SQL Server Standard as a database

These Wonderware products include a license for Microsoft SQL Server : Development Studio, Advanced Development Studio, Application Server, Historian Server, Information Server, MES Server, ArchestrA Workflow Server, InBatch Server, Intelligence Server.   This means buying one of the above Wonderware product server licenses gives the customer the right to install and use one MS SQL Server – but only in connection to use with the given Wonderware product!


Microsoft SQL Server Media

One Microsoft SQL Server media is included with certain Wonderware Product media. It is permissible to use the included Microsoft SQL Server media for installation of Microsoft SQL Server for each purchased Wonderware product that includes a Microsoft SQL Server license, provided the appropriate Microsoft CALs are purchased as well. For customers utilizing a supported Microsoft SQL Server version other than the included media, you must order a separate Microsoft SQL Server version media from an authorized Microsoft representative. 

Microsoft SQL Server Client Access License (CAL)

Certain Wonderware products include a Microsoft SQL Server Client Access License (CAL) Runtime as indicated on the paper License Certificate that accompanies each order. The included Microsoft SQL

Server CAL Runtime license grants a client to access Microsoft SQL Server versions and editions as supported by the Wonderware products and versions purchased.


Has Microsoft SQL Server and CAL 2012 licensing changed? How does this affect Invensys products and Microsoft licenses offered by Invensys?

Yes, Microsoft has changed some of the licensing aspects of MS SQL Server 2012.  However, for the vast majority of Invensys customers, the practice of purchasing additional WW CALs and MS CALs remains the same.  Please read the information below to understand how these changes may affect you and your customers


System Platform 2012 R2 software components support Microsoft® SQL Server 2012.  Many 2012 R2 software components are bundled with a Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft CAL Runtime license or both.  The Invensys practice of bundling Microsoft licenses has not changed for the 2012 R2 release.  For details on what products bundle MS licenses, see price list text on each product Tab or refer to the License Certificate that accompanies each license order.  The License Certificate now includes a separate section describing Microsoft licensing associated with System Platform software.  Invensys does not offer separately MS SQL Server licenses.

SQL Server 2012 CALs:

What used to be called a WW Basic CAL is now called a WW CAL.  What used to be called a MS Basic CAL is now called a MS SQL CAL Runtime.  This reflects the naming and licensing changes by Microsoft.   For MS SQL Svr Standard Edition, the MS CAL license model for SQL Svr 2012 is the same as SQL Svr 2008.  Simply order additional WW CAL with or without MS CAL Runtime licenses as needed.

Version of Microsoft ordered:

For System Platform 2012 R2 and later, order 2012 CALs from this WW CALs Tab.  For System Platform 2012 and earlier, order 2008 CALs, refer to the Classics Tab of this Price List. 


Customers on current Customer First contract with existing Wonderware products that were bundled with Microsoft licensing will upgrade to the latest Wonderware 2012 R2 software version which includes an upgrade to the latest Microsoft 2012 licenses.  The only exceptions to the standard upgrade process are the MS SQL Svr Enterprise licenses and MS Per Processor licenses.

SQL Svr Standard Edition Only:

All 2012 WW CAL, WW Core, Microsoft CAL, and Microsoft Core licenses apply to MS SQL Server Standard edition.  Invensys no longer offers licenses for the Enterprise edition of:  MS SQL Server, WW CAL, MS CAL, Per Processor, or Core-based.  For new Enterprise edition MS SQL Server licenses, order separately from a Microsoft representative.  The 2012 WW CAL and WW Core licenses apply to Wonderware brand databases, Standard and Enterprise.

Microsoft License Models:

MS SQL Server Standard 2012 licensing is offered in two different models:  1) Server + CAL and 2) Core-based.  Per Processor model is not offered for SQL Server 2012.  Core-based licenses are offered in ‘2 Core Packs’.  Microsoft requires a minimum of 4 Core licenses.  Each existing Per Processor 2008 licenses sold through Invensys on current Customer First will upgrade to a license for 4 Core, which equates to two 2 Core Packs.  Existing Per Processor 2008 licenses not on Customer First can purchase new Core-based licenses from Invensys or from a Microsoft representative. 

What edition of Microsoft SQL should InTouch only customers use?

Some InTouch customers use MS SQL for the InTouch Alarm database.  Customers purchasing only InTouch licenses should use the MS SQL Express edition included on the System Platform 2012 R2 and InTouch 2012 R2 DVD. Or download a free copy of SQL Express from Microsoft website.  

Microsoft changed their royalty fees for SQL Server 2012.  Therefore, if a customer owns only InTouch then they are licensed to use MS SQLExpress, not SQL Server Standard or Enterprise.  If customers own Historian or System Platform, then SQL Server 2012 Standard license isbundled and they can use that SQL Server Standard also for InTouch that they own.