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Setting SQL Server to use Mixed Mode/SQL Authentication

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If during SQL Server installation it was chosen to only use Windows Authentication instead of Mixed Mode Authentication, many products will be unable to connect to SQL Server.


Dillon Perera

Publish Date 6/12/2014

Applies to Software

SQL Server

Applies to Version

2005 and higher

Applies to System/Module


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Before you Begin

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This document assumes SQL Server has already been installed.  If not, find our tech note on installing SQL Server, and the steps included in that document will ensure you have the correct setup.


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During the SQL Server installation you must have allowed at least one Windows user to have access to SQL Server and be able to log into SQL Server using this account.  If this has not been done, you will need to reinstall SQL.

Detailed Steps

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  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio by going to Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server YEAR > SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Log in with Windows Authentication with an administrative account.
  3. Change the authentication
    1. On the Object Explorer window right click on the server name and go to Properties.
      1. Select the Security section.
        1. Under Server Authentication change the selection from Windows Authentication mode to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode.
        2. Click Ok
      2. Click Ok
  4. Enable the sa login:
    1. In Object Explorer expand the Security folder, and the Logins.
    2. Right click sa and go to Properties.
      1. On the General tab set the password you want to use.
      2. On the Status tab, in Login set it to Enabled.
      3. Click OK
  5. Restart SQL Server:
    1. Right click on your Server name in Object Explorer
    2. Select Restart
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