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65432 - Way to disable SQL Server Logon on Restart?


SQL Server 2008: Process that generates report. In scheduled tasks, there is an action to start a program in the ArchestrA directory (wwnetdde.exe) When a product on the line is changed a report is generated on the web. When SQL server is restarted, it is requiring you to logon to SQL server with an Admin account. Wants to be able to restart SQL server without having to logon with Admin

OS: Windows Server 2008R2


I recommended setting the logon for the aaHistClientReportingService to �Local System account�. The �Allow service to interact with desktop� needs to be unchecked. I also recommended adding a login from the DCOM config properties for Excel. The user needs to be granted permissions from the Security tab.

Close Date: 12/7/2016 9:07