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061521 - This is regarding SQL Server 2014


This is regarding SQL Server 2014. My understanding is WonderWare has stopped shipping SQL Server to customers as part of their regular comp support shipments. Are we (the customer) supposed to provide our own copies of SQL Server now or are we supposed to ask for a copy of SQL Server? I�m asking because I don�t have SQL Server 2014. Is it possible to have it shipped to me (or we can download it from a provided link if necessary�.)? If I have to I can probably go to our IT department to get a copy. I�m just not sure how their licensing will work i.e. we may have to purchase our own license for this. I thought I would check to see if we can get SQL Server 2014 from WonderWare before I go to our IT departmen


Wonderware have no immediate plans to release 2014 media with System Platform.

Close Date: 6/30/2015 9:58