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046734 - Trying to run application from another system, but version shows as "Unknown"


Copied an application from another system, but when viewing it in Application Manager on the new computer, the version is displayed as "Unknown". The other system was running InTouch 10.0.200. The new system has InTouch 10.0 Patch 2 installed on it.

Product Version: 10.0

OS: Win 2003



This appears to be a problem with the versions. InTouch 10.0.200 = InTouch 10.0 with Service Pack 2 (Original PC) InTouch 10.0.002 = InTouch 10.0 with Patch 2 (New PC) (Understanding WW Version numbers: The Service Pack 2 update is about 1 year newer than the Patch 2, so it sounds like there is just a version issue. Recommend upgrading to the Service Pack 2 in order to ensure compatibility:

Close Date: 2013-01-29 16:33:47