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044848 - Adding per named user license to existing per named device license


Historian Client is currently using a per named device license. A per named user license has been purchased and installed. How do you edit the options (OPT) file to include the named users?

Product Version: 10.0

OS: Win 2008 32 bit


When installing the per named user license (a ArchestraServer.lic file) a popup should come up saying the options file needs to be edited. On this window, there will be a text box that shows the template of what the options file must contain. Copy this template, then hit the edit button, and paste the contents of the text box into the end of the existing options file. This way, the top of the file will contain information about the per named device license, and bottom will have information about the per named user. The two sets of lines are slightly different, so you want to use the template as a guide for the syntax. Once finished, in the license Manager, right click the Server option, and choose Stop License Server, then Start License Server, to ensure the software reads the changes.

Close Date: 2012-08-03 10:47:56