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042570 - AF 8.0 says it has expired 1143 days ago


AF 8.0 says it has expired 1143 days ago. No pink demo screen. Customer reports that it was working for a few months. The operators reported that it had stopped working last week.

Product Version: 8.0

OS: Win 2003



Customer did have AF 8.0, but it looks like earlier this month someone put in the newer wwSuite.lic file, which is a current one for all of the latest products (8.0 is a few years old), which must have overwrote their older license. So they have two options: 1) If they like version 8, and they have their old licenses, they can just replace the license and be done with it. 2) Since they do have licenses for the newer software anyways, they can install HistorianClient 10.0 instead.

Close Date: 2012-01-31 14:39:14