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038496 - How to use Server based licensing


The customer is using ActiveFactory/Historian Client's Server Based licensing for the first time and is unsure how to set this up. In his case he is using a per user license.

Product Version: 10.0

OS: Win 2008 32 bit


To use the Server based licenses, the first thing which needs to be done is to install the license file on the license server. This will ussually be a ArchestraServer.lic file. During the install it will ask the user to create an OPT file, with is an options file specifiying which users are acutally able to login and grab a license. In this file, you will specify the usernames of the authorized users. Once this is done, setup on the license server is complete. On the client systems, you will want to go into the License utility again. From the File menu, instead of installing a license you will Add a License Server. By doing this, you specify the name of the computer which houses the Server Based licenses, telling the client computer where to get licenses from. Once this is completed, the software should be able to grab licenses over the network whenever it needs them.

Close Date: 2011-03-24 15:42:55