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049224 - Using the Average retrieval mode but getting no values to return in Excel Workbook


Using an Excel workbook to get the average of a data point over the course of a day. The values should be between 0 and 1. When looking at small time frames see large values like 2.5. When looking at a full day, get no values returned. Using Office 2007.

Product Version: 10.0


User was trying to use the Average Retreival option for the historian, which attempts to do a weighted average on the data. After consulting the documentation it looks like this averaging has some known scenarios where incorrect values can be returned. As well, this retreival style puts heavier weighting on times when there is data vs times where there is not (null time periods get no weight). In the end, the user retieved the raw data and used Excel's built in average function to average the numbers. The Historian Aggergate Average option should also have worked, but user played with the various options and decided on the manual averaging.

Close Date: 2013-08-21 13:21:22