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047047 - Problems with a Historian Client connecting to Historian and recieving a license from license server


Setting up a new PC with Historian Client 10.0 SP2. When logged in as an Administrator on the system Trend (or any tool) loads fine and connects to the historian, but the software then goes into demo mode. If logging in with the operator account, which is not an admin, Trend starts but will not connect to the Historian.

Product Version: 10.0

ProdSp: SP2

OS: Win 7 64 bit



There are two issues here, the first being connectivitiy to the Historian, the second being licensing. 1) For connecting to the Historian, we found that Windows Authentication was in use. When we set it to SQL Authentication and tried the wwAdmin account, this failed, even with the Administrator logged into Windows. Tested from the SQL Management console on the Historian directly, and the sa and wwAdmin accounts both failed. (ie: SQL Authentication does not appear to be enabled.) To fix this, logged into the SQL Management Console via Windows Authentication. Then right clicked on the Server and selected Properties. From the Security section we turned on the option for both SQL and Windows Authentication. We then closed the Management Studio, and opened the SQL Configuration Manager from the Start Menu. In the Network Protocols we enabled Named Pipes, then went to services and restarted the SQL Server. Once this was completed we could now log in using the wwAdmin account from either the Admin or Operator user. The software now would go to demo mode though. 2) For the Licensing, to fix this we looked at the License Server computer, and the ArchestraServer.lic file had been correctly installed. On the Client machine though, in the License Utility the License Server had not been added. To fix this, on the client we went to File > Add License Server, and entered the name of the Historian computer. This failed initially, but once we turned off the Windows Firewall on the Historian, the Client would connect correctly. Once this was setup in the License Utility on the Client (ie: there are 2 steps, install license on license server, then add license server on client), Trend would open correctly and retreive a license from both the Admin and Operator users.

Close Date: 2013-02-21 10:01:14