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044972 - ActiveFactory Trends do not show any data, and InSQL will not start (Insufficient Disk Space)


Plant is starting back up, so InSQL is being turned back on. When trying to start InSQL though, get an error saying there is insufficient disk space for the circular folder. As such, InSQL never starts. ActiveFactory Trends as well do not show any data.

Product Version: 9.0

OS: Win 2003



Had modified the Storage Locations for InSQL, and set the Circular Folder's Deletion Threshold to 100000mb (100gb). The drive itself only has 12gb free. The deletion threshold tells insql that at the specified value, start deleting insql history blocks to achieve the deletion thresholds level of free space on the harddrive. Since it was set to 100gb, and only 12 were free, InSQL deleted all of it's history blocks in an attempt to free up enough space. This is why the trends were not working, as there was no history for them to report on. Once the deletion threshold was set to something more resonable (1000mb=1gb), and the changes committed, InSQL was shutdown, and then restarted. Once this was done, it was able to start correctly without errors.

Close Date: 2012-08-14 10:46:24