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044945 - Installing Historian Client 10.0 SP2 on Windows 7 causes problems for MS Office


After installing Historian Client 10.0 SP2 on a Windows 7 machine, Microsoft Office shows Windows Installer messages, trying to install Historian Client, whenever an Excel sheet is opened. The PC previously had ActiveFactory 9.2 on it, but that has been uninstalled in a previous case.

Product Version: 10.0

ProdSp: SP2

OS: Win 7 32 bit


Attempted an uninstall/reinstall but this did not help. In looking at the OS though, it looks like IT has locked the system down, and as such we cannot disable User Account Control. As such believe this is why the install is not working correctly. IT will be contacted for assistance in getting the software installed correctly.

Close Date: 2012-08-23 12:32:05