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043246 - What is the difference between BestFit-5 and Cyclic retreival. And all the others?


In ActiveFactory, what is the difference between the retrieval styles which you can select. In particular the BestFit-5 and Cyclic.

Product Version: 9.2

OS: Win 2003



Cyclic will pull a piece of data on a cycle, which by default gives even spacing over the time period. So for example over a 24 hour range, this might be pull one data point every 5 minutes. BestFit-5 on the other hand is similar, but for each data point, it actually takes 5 points averages them together, and uses that to create 1 point. So in this case, it was trying to average data within the hole, and either not finding data, or finding nulls, and it would break the calculation. So in the previous example, if an even period was one point every 5 mins, BestFit5 would take 5 points (25mins worth of data) and try to average it to create one point. In this way, it just smooths out fluctuations so you see more of a �trend� then raw data with spikes and dips. For more on this, if you hit F1 in Trend and search �Understanding Retrieval Modes� it will list out all of them and go into detail. (This was more than would easily paste into an email).

Close Date: 2012-03-15 16:51:45