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043032 - Excel Add in disappeared. What would cause this?


I have a user that recently had the add-in for excel disappear. I was able to re-add the add-in but was wondering what would have caused this to happen?

Product Version: 10.0

OS: Win 2003



I have seen this issue in the past, but as to the cause I couldn�t tell you for sure.� I do have a couple theories, but I can�t prove these: -�������� Microsoft updates were installed.� A lot of these do affect Office, and may have reset something. -�������� Any type of bad shutdown, from killing Excel to losing power, may cause the add-in list in Excel to become corrupt.� But, Excel is probably set to fix that corruption if found by just going to default settings. I could go on with 'theories', but as mentioned I can�t tell you for sure.� What you might try doing though is looking in EventViewer between the time the error was reported, and when the Excel addin was last used, to see if you can track down any changes.� That said though, while I have seen this issue, it doesn�t happen very often, and I wouldn�t be surprised if you didn�t see this happen again. With that, IF it does happen again to one of your users, you have two options to fix it: a)����� You can add the add-in back to Excel like you did previously.� And this is completely valid. b)����� Another approach which is sometimes easier for people if they cannot remember where to go in Excel, is to just rerun the ActiveFactory installer.� It�s a quick install (maybe 5mins), and should fix the issue.

Close Date: 2012-03-01 09:05:55