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042546 - License Server does not work across domains


End user has two domains, control and buisness. They want to put the license server on the buisness domain, and have the control domain systems connect to get a license. When they try this though, the control systems can ping the license server, but when they try to add the license server via the license manager it is unable to find the license server running.

Product Version: 10.0

OS: Win 2008 32 bit


Found 3 possible solutions discussed with customer. 1) Create a trust between the two domains 2) Since control network rarely uses the ActiveFactory, just let them run in demo mode 3) Since they have a 10 seat concurrent license, they can talk to client services about breaking it into two 5 seat licenses, and then run a license server on each domain.

Close Date: 2012-01-27 13:06:37