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040475 - Getting the following error when using Tag Selection from Workbook:


Unable to cast object of type Archestra.HistClient.Database.aaServers to Archestra.HistClient.Database.aaServers The Customer is using Office 2007 version 12.0.6554.5001 which comes up as Pre-SP3. He is connecting to an InSQL 9.0 machine with no Patch.

Product Version: 9.2

OS: Win XP



I recommended he try reinstalling the software. This was ineffective. We also tried deleting the ActiveFactory folder in the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\(Logged in user)\local Settings\Application Data\Wonderware\Active Factory We also discussed the possiblity of doing a webex but he will not be able to for 2 weeks because there is no one currently in the IT dept. who can give him access for the webex.

Close Date: 2011-11-15 10:00:26