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037557 - Problems with FSGateway


The client has notice his FSGateway is disconnecting every now and then. The client has FSGateway 1.5 Service Pack 1. Customer has redundant IT tag server nodes, in each of these nodes, running IT app as Tag server to other remote IT clients, running FSGateway as OPC client getting data from 2x 3rd party OPC servers. And at the same time, a remote Pie Hist is pointing to this FSG as OPC server. At V1.5 FSG, every seems to work fine, but happen 2 times in 8 - 9 monthn IT app lost data update, the operator had to force failover to get the operation back on track. They were not clear if it is IT app, FSG, or OPC servers' fault for the lost of connection.


The client is going to keep the older version of Da Server. If he decide to upgrade to 2.0, he will contact support. Case can be closed.

Close Date: 2011-02-25 09:51:10