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031178 - Unable to open trends with one particular user


Unable to open trends with one particular user

Product Version: 9.2

OS: Win 2003



Customer will delete and recreate the user in question Customer will call back if this does not fix the issue Based on other similar cases I offered two suggestions: 1.> Since it works for some (but not all) users, I'm thinking it's probably a SQL permissions issue. Logs #1038328 [2006] and #10915228 [2009] indicated that the database user does not have the proper privileges within the Runtime database. Recommended if using Windows-Authentication they should make sure their domain users are part of the built-in Windows Groups that get created upon installation of the InSQL Server (i.e. aaUsers, etc.) 2.> There's a "tweak" that has been used in some cases by changing the HistorianVersion in the SystemParameter table from 9,0,x,x to 9,1,x,x in order to avoid the check. Since this is more of a hack I recommended not doing this unless it is a last resort.

Close Date: 2010-03-31 15:08:03