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030025 - InTouch ActiveFactory ActiveX


client is trying to use the AF activeX control in intouch, however the same trend he has open with intouch doesnt match the trend when he opens it in stand alone active factory. the trend in stand alone software will display nulls correctly (which he is expected nulls in his data); in the intouch app however the trend will spike down to 0 for every nul lthat he has.

Product Version: 9.2

OS: Win XP



found that the intouch trend was counting nulls as 0 in the trend, this was due to the fact that information server 3.1 client controls were installed on this machine which overwrites the .dll's that are used for the chart. Apparently, InTouch starts up and attempts to load the latest version of aaHistClientTrend. Uninstalling the Webclient does not remove all traces in the registry. So when InTouch starts up, it tries to load the latest version and crashes because it is not found. I searched the registry and found that a version of aaHistClientTrendControl still remained in the registry. Delete this Key and all its values: HKCR\CLSID\{656045C7-E152-4B4F-85C2-4219E6FB9AED}\InprocServer32\ After doing that, InTouch will instead load the version, which is AF 9.2.

Close Date: 2009-10-29 13:34:25