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028439 - Unable to access license server through firewall


Unable to access license server through firewall

Product Version: 9.2

OS: Win 2003



The license server uses a default TCP/IP port range 27000-27009. These ports are opened in the Windows Firewall when the software is installed. You need to use a custom port only if you have configured your license server to run on a specific non-standard port. You can test that the connection itself is okay (e.g. not blocked by a firewall) by opening a command line on the client node and typing: telnet LICNODE 27000 Where LICNODE is the name of the license server node. Ports for ArchestrA License Server Answer: Two ports are generated or used by ArchestrA License Server, or also any AF clients One is between 27000 and 27009, or fixed in setting up license server in License Server Manager. The other one is dynamically generated, but can be also specified by adding PORT=xxxx in the ArchestrAServer.lic file e.g. VENDOR Wonderware aaLicServer.exe PORT=3333

Close Date: 2009-07-17 16:48:09