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041584 - When does AFTrend relinquish license when embedded in Intouch window


When does AFTrend relinquish license when embedded in Intouch window

Product Version: 9.2


It is my understanding that the concurrent license is released once the last ActiveX object in the calling application is destroyed. For example, an InTouch application opens "WindowA" containing an iTrend object (I know they're named differently now, I'm just typing lazy <GRIN>) and acquires a concurrent license from the pool. Then it opens "WindowB" containing an iTrend object and uses the same concurrent license; it does not consume a second one. Now, let's say WindowA closes - since WindowB is still open the license is not released yet. Finally, WindowB closes, there are no more iTrend objects active, and the license gets released back into the pool. Now keep in mind, if you have the "Always load windows from disk" option of InTouch unchecked, the windows and objects may be held in memory and might not release the license back to the concurrent pool until WindowViewer is shutdown. So you probably want to turn that on if you don't have extra licenses to spare. Also from the same SR #23515300: I also noticed that he says they are using TSE machines. I don't know if their TSE configuration is a factor or not, but the AF concurrent license *should* tie itself to the client station rather than to individual sessions. Keep an eye out for that as a possible wrinkle during our troubleshooting. Furthermore, the Readme.HTM for HistClient v10.0-SP2 has a "known issue" of CR #L00109653 which says: When you open an InTouch window with the Trend Control ActiveX on it and immediately close it, the license which was acquired while opening the window is not released. To release this license you can either close the InTouch application or force garbage collection with GC.Collect(). So this implies that the license SHOULD be able to be released while InTouch is still running, as long as you don't immediately close the window (but how long is "immediately"???). Closing

Close Date: 2011-11-07 09:36:24