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038697 - Support for ActiveFactory over a VPN


The customer is using a VPN to allow their users to connect to the network from home. From home when they try to use ActiveFactory they go into Demo mode. When they were not using Server Based licenses this worked fine. Does ActiveFactory work over a VPN?

Product Version: 10.0

OS: Win XP



Yes, ActiveFactory should work over a VPN. In researching old cases though, it looks like your VPN may block specific ports. For ActiveFactory to work it will use ports 27000 through 27009 for the licenseing, but will also choose one random port (done by the OS). Because we do not know what this port will be, we want to make sure that all ports are unblocked. As these ports are used for the licensing, if they are blocked this would explain why the problem didn't occur when they used local licenses.

Close Date: 2011-04-11 09:34:39