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046563 - Data is not saving in Workbook


When the client save file in workbook and reopened the file, nothing save. "Name?" appears in the fields. The client Office 2010. Other computer wasn't experiencing this problem.

Product Version: 9.0

OS: Win 7 32 bit


Checked the Add Ins from Office Button > Excel Options (shown at the very bottom of the panel) > Add Ins Under Active Application Add Ins no add ins were shown. We next selected Excel Add Ins from the Manage drop down and clicked Go. We then checked ActiveFactory Workbook under Add Ins Available and clicked the browse button and browsed to c:\Program Files\Common Files\ArchestrA\ and selected HistClient.xla. We were prompted fro a confirmation that a copy of HistClient was found at this location and asked if we wanted to replace it (we selected Yes after using Windows Explorer to make a backup copy just to be safe). We closed and reopened the workbook. At this point all cells no showed No Connectin. After using Connection Management from the Workbook Add Ins menu to logoff and log back on, the sheet populated with good values every time it was opened.

Close Date: 2013-01-14 12:54:55