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NetSuite : Time Entries Guide

Time Entries Guide 

Reminders & Tips
    - When entering a time entry associated with a project the service item should always populate, if it doesn’t populate contact the services department for it to be revised immediately
    - Use the duplicate row feature on the weekly timesheet to copy information from the previous line to save time entering information multiple times
    - Use the Copy from Week feature to copy information from one week to another

Time Entries on Events:

View User Interface (Edit button is shown in upper left corner of record)

There will be 2 options listed in view mode under the time tracking tab, New Time and New Weekly Time
    1. New Time
        - Click new time → A new window will pop open
        - Date, Duration, Customer (if applicable), Case/Task/Event, and Memo in the header level
*please note some information will default from the Case/Task/Event
        - Time Details are for VIEW ONLY, this is a “snapshot” of your weekly timesheet

    2.  New Weekly Time
        - Click New Weekly Time → A new window will pop open
        - Your weekly timesheet will be shown
        - Enter the information for your time entry on a new line
*please note you will need to enter all details if you chose this option
Time Entries Guide

• Edit View Interface (Save button is shown in upper left of record)

- There will be only one way to enter time from the event in edit mode

- The fields shown will mirror the fields listed on the weekly timesheet lines


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