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NetSuite : Service Manager Estimated Needed Checkbox

Service Manager Estimate Needed Checkbox


The purpose of this article to outline the functionality of the Service Manager Estimate Needed checkbox on opportunities in NetSuite. This will better facilitate the flow of information from sales to services, and the checkbox will be used to trigger communication between both departments.

The “Service MGR Estimate Needed” checkbox is only available on opportunity records. The checkbox value can only be changed while in edit mode.

Once a member of the sales organization identifies a projected order, further detail may be required in order to properly develop an estimate for the opportunity. If the opportunity has potential services, a line item should be added with the appropriate information. At first, it may not be clear the extent of services offerings, however, at some point in the process, pricing for the services will need to be determined or substantial effort to develop the opportunity presentation to the customer will need to be spent. This is the trigger to check the Services MGR Estimate Needed box.




Once the box is checked, an email alert is sent to the services department to indicate an estimate needs to be generated. The service manager will then assign a team member to aid in the estimate and proposal generation. That person will also create the opportunity directory in the client folders section of Box. (Link to be added). The team member will then reach out to the account executive to assist in the development of the opportunity. The services department will be responsible for generating the estimate information that will populate the proposal document.


Once the estimate is completed and reviewed, the services team member will uncheck the service manager estimate needed checkbox. The opportunity is then saved, and an email alert is sent to the account executive as well as sales support to indicate the proposal is ready to be produced for final approval.




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