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NetSuite : Creating Projects

Creating Projects 

Details the proper steps to creating a project from a sales order (SO).
1. When an email is received from order entry to create a project the following should be included: SO #, Opp #, proposal and purchase order
2. Navigate to sales order in NetSuite and use the status to determine if you can proceed with project creation. To determine the status of the sales order, there will be an indication next to the SO title.
a. Pending Billing or Pending Fulfillment indicates you can move forward with creation.



b. Pending approval indicates you need to contact accounting to understand the reason the SO is on hold.


3. If moving forward with project creation, go to sales order in NetSuite and edit


4. Next to the project box, there is a + sign, click the + sign.


5. A new window will open with the project template. Fill out as much information as possible, some fields may be mandatory. (Mandatory fields can be identified with a * next to the field name, auto generated fields are BOLD)
    a. Project Name-match the title of the proposal
    b. Project Type-Technical Services
    c. Customer PO-Found on customer's purchase order
Note: Customer PO field will show “Error code” until first save of the project record.

    d. Status-Set to 3a - Awarded - PO Received
    e. Account Executive-AE responsible for account
    f. Executive Alert Summary-copy scope from the proposal
    g. Under the Financial tab, Billing Type-Charge Based
    h. Under the Financial tab, Billing Schedule-Daily


6. Save the project.
7. Return to the sales order window. The new project number should be visible. Click Save on the sales order.


8. Navigate to → Client Folders → Customer Name → Projects
(create directory if necessary) Customer Name = End User on Sales Order
9. Create a new folder for the project. The naming methodology should be Project Number-Project Name (i.e. 10838-Nucor-Upgrade Services)
10. Navigate to → Client Folders → zzz Generic Structure → Projects
Copy the appropriate structure inside the folder based on the complexity of the project
    a. 99999-Project Name (Large Project)
    b. 99999-Project Name (Small Project)
11. Paste in the newly created project structure
12. Copy the proposal and email into the folder ~Proposal & Estimate.
13. Go back to NetSuite and open the project.
14. Under the Schedule tab, Projects tasks will be generated upon first save of the project.
    • If the estimate workbook was used to quote the project, the project should be setup to mirror the milestones and tasks.
    • Tasks should be uniquely named for each project. When the same task name is used for multiple milestones, a prefix should be added to the task name to indicate which milestone it belongs to. This is critical for timesheet entry and reporting.
    • Tasks auto generated: Project Management, PM, Milestone, Task upon first save of project record

15. Financial
    a. Setup up the rules for:
        i. Fixed fee rules
            1. Manual costs for commissions
        ii. Time-Base rules
            1. Filtering with travel time vs. service time
            2. No manual costs for commissions
            3. Note: If using resource-based rules, must have anyone assigned to the project in the rules.
        iii. Expense-Based rules
            1. Description of planned expenses
**MindTouch articles detailing fixed fee and time-based rules still in development**

16. Budget → click Edit on project to enter project information
    a. Cost
        i. Use calculated when possible as this helps verify the schedule that was entered under the milestones and tasks.

    b. Billing
        i. For Fixed price projects, use the calculated values when possible. This helps to verify the information entered under the financial information.
        ii. For T&E projects, it may not be possible to use the calculated as resource assignments may not be made yet.

17. Relationship
    a. Enter primary contact from the proposal. As you type, if the contact is properly associated with the customer, the contact will appear.
    b. Under Role, chose “Primary Contact”
    c. Click the Attach button to assign the contact to the project.
    d. Confirm with account executive of the customer this is the best point of contact.

18. Box Content
    a. Create bookmark to project directory created in step 8 above.
**Refer to Creating a Bookmark in box article**

19. Click save on project.
20. Click Set Baseline Button just under the project name.

21. Email about project team about the setup. Include:
    1. Order Entry-
        a. Ask to refresh the SO. Once SO is refreshed, can trigger ARO milestones for billing.
        b. Verify any software and hardware materials are ordered and ask for tracking information. Request licenses be added to the project folder.
        c. Including a hyperlink to the project folder in Box is helpful.
    2. People assigned to work on the project
        a. Let them know created, assigned, and ensure time tracking/scope understanding.
        b. Including a hyperlink to the project folder in Box is helpful.
    3. Account Executive
        a. Informs them project is created and someone should be contacting them shortly to discuss sales to delivery transition items.
22. Project Preferences
Once the sales order line items have been refreshed from the project, the Use Allocated Time for Forecast preference needs to be checked on the project
        a. Edit the project
        b. Navigate to preferences tab
        c. Check Use Allocated Time for Forecast
        d. Save


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